Wooden Windows with Aluminum

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Wooden Windows with Aluminum

Another item in our offer are wooden aluminum windows. We combine the best of both materials. The systems are based on the most popular and most frequently installed wooden windows.

Wooden windows made of alu ensure longer durability and resistance to external weather conditions. The aluminum layer covered with ecological and waterproof varnish perfectly protects the windows against UV radiation.

Thanks to the use of the best wood for the production of our wooden aluminum windows, we are sure that you will be satisfied with the thermal and acoustic insulation.

Profile Wood Aluminum 68

As in the case of the wooden 68 mm system, also in this case it is an optimal choice for people who above all appreciate the nobility and naturalness of the material. The only difference between these systems is the aluminum cover which protects the window. Windows are technologically processed according to strict European standards, which is guaranteed by high-quality products.

Profile Wood Aluminum 78

Wood-Aluminum 78 mm is a profile that was created on the basis of the classic System IV Plus in which a structure made of 3-layer glued wood is used. In this case, the wooden version with an aluminum cover is available with a profile thickness of 78 mm.