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PCV Windows

PVC windows are one of the most frequently chosen products when it comes to window joinery. The value for money means that customers are much more likely to choose this solution by filling their window openings in their homes.

PVC windows perfectly fit both modern and older buildings. It allows you to achieve satisfactory thermal and aesthetic effects using the best materials in production.

We offer double-glazed and triple-glazed PVC windows. The tightly closed window structure allows for perfect silence and optimal temperature inside, and thanks to UV filters, they protect against harmful radiation.

Classic Line profile

CLASSIC LINE – is a standard five-chamber window profile by ALUPLAST with a 70 mm construction, allows to maintain a good thermal transmittance coefficient (Uw = 0.94 (W / m2K) provided that SGG CLIMATOP ULTRA SS 40 mm glazing is used).

Thanks to the straight edges of external profiles, it is a universal product that can be boldly used in new buildings and when replacing the old woodwork with a new one. The low height of the frame and sash profiles allows for additional lighting of the rooms, and thanks to the gradual tilt in WINKHAUS fittings, we are able to perfectly control the amount of air admitted into the room.

Classic Rondo profile

CLASSIC RONDO – it is one of the basic 5-chamber window profiles available in the range of ALUPLAST products with a construction width of 70 mm, similarly to the CLASSIC LINE profile, its coefficients are very close to each other (the maximum coefficient that we are able to achieve is Uw = 0, 94 (W / m2K)).

The rounded profile of the sash has a timeless appearance and is most often chosen for buildings with classic architecture, and the internal, round glazing bead will perfectly match the character of any interior. The gradual tilt in the WINKHAUS fitting allows for precise tilt adjustment.

Thermo profile

THERMO – five-chamber ALUPLAST profile with a width of 70 mm is distinguished by a sash profile from the outside, which is rounded and slightly bent, and thanks to an additional third gasket we get the so-called “Dry chamber”.

The WINKHAUS fitting working in a “dry chamber” is less exposed to moisture, therefore its trouble-free operation can be extended even several times. Thanks to the third chamber and a special glazing package (40 mm), we are able to obtain a heat transfer coefficient of Uw = 0.89 (W / m2K).

Prestige profile

PRESTIGE – It is a six-chamber window profile with a frame construction width of 85 mm. The wide development allows the use of glazing with a width of 51 mm, thanks to which we are able to achieve very low permeability coefficients of Uw = 0.82 (W / m2K).

The timeless and elegant profile (simple on the outside and simple on the inside) makes the woodwork look modern, and thanks to the WINKHAUS activePilot hardware, we guarantee trouble-free operation for many years.

Thermo Luxury profile

THERMO LUKSUS – Recommended, one of the warmest six-chamber window profiles in the ALUPLAST range. 85 mm width of the building, the third seal with a “dry chamber” and the possibility of using glazing with a width of 51 mm make the THERMO LUKSUS profile a master in keeping heat inside the building. By choosing this profile, we are able to obtain a heat transfer coefficient of Uw = 0.76 (W / m2K) thanks to the use of Ug = 0.5 W / m2K (48 mm) glass.

The timeless design means that we can use this profile in any public utility facility, single or multi-family houses, companies, etc.

Salamander profile

The bluEvolution 92 profile system combines modern technology with top-class window material and design. The optimized, six-chamber structure with a depth of 92 mm, combined with the well-thought-out height of the profiles (118 mm), which allows a large penetration of sunlight inside the room, guarantees perfect thermal insulation and the best energy efficiency.

The BluEvolution 92 system is a tribute to people who value care for the environment. The material from which the profiles were produced can be 100% reused.

Salamander 82 profile

The bluEvolution 82 profile system combines excellent energy savings and innovative sealing technologies.

This solution can be used in the construction of passive houses. Thanks to the use of specially optimized frame and sash structures, we obtain reduced heat loss.

Nordline profile

System dedicated to Scandinavian markets. A characteristic feature of windows based on the NordLine system is the way they open. The windows, depending on the needs, can open pivotally as well as outwards. Windows based on this product line have a depth of 120 mm.

EkoSun 6 NL profile

Produced exclusively for Eko-Okna S.A., the EkoSun 6 NL profile is a unique solution thanks to which we can offer outward opening systems without the use of a reversing profile. In addition, the availability of an anthracite core makes it possible to produce windows with dark veneers in a consistent color scheme.

Ideal 7000 NL

IDEAL is an extremely popular warm window joinery system. In its various options, it is installed in millions of homes around the world. Users appreciate it because of its excellent parameters in the field of thermal and acoustic insulation and a great price-quality ratio.

The IDEAL 7000 NL option is a system edition designed for the Dutch market. The profiles can be welded at an angle of 45° using the aesthetic V-super and V-perfect techniques or at an angle of 90° using the HFL technology. This method of welding makes the windows look like wooden structures.

The windows can be ordered in smooth colors or with wood-like veneers. Veneers can be located on the inside and outside of the window. Thanks to the fact that they can be selected independently, the IDEAL 7000 NL windows will easily match any facade and any interior.