Aluminum Windows

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Aluminum Windows

Aluminum windows are one of the most frequently chosen window structures by our customers – comparable to PVC.

We offer aluminum systems for both windows and doors. The aluminum material from which windows in this category are made have a wide range of applications. It is used in traditional and modern construction with large glazing and window facades. It is also used to fill the openings of shop windows. The chamber structure of the window frame allows to maintain optimal heat in the body of the building and thermal insulation regardless of weather conditions outside. In addition, they perfectly isolate from the sound outside.

The aluminum windows we offer are manufactured by one of the best producers in the world – Aluprof S.A. We are able to choose the perfect solution for your needs, regardless of whether you are building a shopping mall or a modern family home.

MB 60 profile

MB-60 is an ideal system for thermal and acoustic insulation of architectural building elements. The profile of this system has a three-chamber structure, and the depth of the window structure is 60 mm.

MB-60 is characterized by a low heat transfer coefficient, which is Uf = 2.0 W / m2K. On the basis of this system, it is possible to create anti-burglary structures.

MB 70 profile

MB-70 is a system with very good thermal and acoustic insulation. It is the basis for the construction of “winter-thermal” facades. It has a version of higher thermal insulation which is achieved through special insulating inserts. On the basis of this system, it is possible to create anti-burglary structures.

MB 86 profile

MB-86 window and door system that allows to meet the various needs of users. This system is the first aluminum system in the world to use airgel (a material with very high thermal insulation). The biggest advantage of the MB-86 is the possibility of using it in large-size structures.

ACS 50 profile

The ACS 50 system is designed for the production of single- and double-leaf windows and doors, also in the smoke-proof option. The system has partition walls with posts and without posts, including the possibility of central glazing. The ACS 50 system has frames for the assembly of all-glass wings. It is characterized by high acoustic and strength properties of the created buildings.

AS 75 profile

The three-chamber AS 75 system is intended for the production of thermally insulated window and door constructions using the innovative ANTI-BI-METAL technology, which prevents the door leaves from deforming when heated by sunlight, as well as at very low temperatures. The system meets the requirements of all current and future thermal insulation standards, including acoustic ones, which is confirmed by independent tests in reputable institutes.

A variant of AS 75 INDUSTRIAL windows, characterized by a special design, is dedicated to industrial spaces. It is complemented by system muntins: flat or spatial.

AS 178HS PRO SLIM profile

The AS 178HS PRO SLIM system is a combination of innovative solutions and modern design, creating a new generation system of all-glass lift and slide doors. The system makes it possible to build large movable terrace glazing with a low and warm threshold. Its construction mechanisms enable safe and comfortable sliding of heavy sashes, manually or automatically. The use of fittings from reputable suppliers allows for comfortable sliding of even very heavy sashes.

The AS 178HS PRO SLIM system works well in buildings with large glazing, restaurants, winter gardens, where the ease of moving from inside the room to the outside, ease of use, design and aesthetics play an important role. An important advantage of this solution is the fact that it does not occupy the interior space and fits well in any arrangement. The innovative design allows for the highest thermal insulation parameters.

In the AS 178HS PRO SLIM system, it is possible to completely enclose the door frame in the insulation layer, which allows you to emphasize the decorative qualities of the facade and gives the building an individual and unique character. It is possible to make structures in all construction schemes available on the market (a solution with a two- and three-track track, a solution with the possibility of using fixed glazing in passive sashes, etc.).