Aluminum Facades

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Aluminum Facades

Aluminum facade systems are used to construct glazed facades of public buildings, such as: banks, hotels, offices, office buildings, car showrooms, sports halls, etc. Aluminum facades are also used to make many spatial structures and roof glazing, the task of which is to provide adequate interior lighting. buildings and creating a unique atmosphere and comfort for users. They are an excellent tool for shaping contemporary architecture and implementing bold visions of designers.

The most popular in modern architecture is the aluminum mullion-transom façade, however, the offer of Aluprof façade solutions also includes a whole range of products with various structures and external appearance, including a number of individual solutions.

MB TT50 profile

The mullion-transom façade system allows for the construction of curtain walls or filling walls, roofs and spatial structures. It uses a new approach to the construction of aluminum profiles and accessories responsible for tightness and thermal insulation of joints. As a result, the facade provides a high level of protection of the building against heat loss. The MB-TT50 system offers wide possibilities of shaping the building, it is also intended as the basis for fire and anti-burglary solutions.

MB SR50N profile

The MB-SR50N system is designed for the construction and production of light curtain walls – flat, suspended and filling type, as well as roofs, skylights and other structures. This solution is a modification of the very popular MB-SR50 façade system, meeting the current trends in architecture.

MB RW profile

MB-RW is a modern system that responds to the ever-increasing thermal and functional requirements of modern roof structures. It supplements the offer of energy-saving Aluprof aluminum systems. Windows made in this system are intended for installation in mullion-transom roofs. In the construction of many roofs, regardless of their nature, windows play an important role, because they are used to ventilate important parts of the building. They are often located high, where service access requires the use of appropriate equipment, therefore they must be durable, tight and reliable for many years of operation.

MB SR50 profile

The MB-SR50 system is designed for the construction and fabrication of light curtain walls – flat, suspended and filling, as well as roofs, skylights and other structures.

MB SG50 profile

The MB-SG50 system enables the construction and production of light curtain walls of suspended and filling type, roofs, skylights and is intended for use in general construction facilities.

MB SE75 profile

The purpose of the MB-SE75 element curtain wall system are individual object projects, in which the basic requirements include quick assembly and elimination of external scaffolding during construction.


High aesthetics of the facade – view of individual modules separated by narrow, 9 mm slots. A wide range of opening elements in the facade: windows and doors in systems with high thermal insulation, as well as “frameless”
outward tilting structures