Internal Window Sills

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Internal Window Sills

Choosing a window sill may seem prosaic, but we should think carefully about which one to choose in the end. This element will affect not only the functionality of the space by the window, but also the appearance of the room.

Internal window sills are primarily intended to protect the space under the window from getting dirty too quickly, as well as stop the cold flowing from the windows and direct warm air inside. However, window sills also serve us as shelves and even seats. For this reason, let us choose them so that they meet our needs. They should be sufficiently durable and deep if we want to make benches out of them. When placing flower pots on them, we should also remember that they will be exposed to dirt and moisture.

We work with the best producers who provide us with internal window sills with which our customers are satisfied for years.

Conglomerate (Agglomarble)

Conglomerate (Agglomarble) is a 95% natural material. It consists of marble and polyester resin (5%), which is the best binder on the market. The conglomerate is used to make stairs, step plates, kitchen countertops, fireplace housings and internal window sills for both PVC windows and wooden or aluminum windows.

Marble is a natural stone that occurs in nature in various colors and shades, so we can offer our customers a wide range of colors for our products. Conglomerate internal window sills are extremely resistant to scratches and other mechanical damage. As you know, stone has a low moisture absorption, so it is resistant to washing and temperature changes.


Breccia Aurora

Rosa del garda

Perlato Appia


Rosso asiago

Beige Marfil

Bianco Carrara

Perla Arte



Marmo White

Monte Bianco


Black Mamba


PVC is a material that is ideal for interior window sills thanks to its resistance to moisture and temperature changes.

In the production process of PVC window sills, the window sill section technique is used, which in the end guarantees its stability and stiffening of the entire structure.

With a view to the practical and aesthetic side of our internal window sills, we cover them with high-quality colored foil resistant to mechanical damage, scratches and sunlight. The veneer we use is smooth, which facilitates the maintenance and cleaning of PVC window sills, even of heavy dirt.



Golden oak




Scandinavian oak


Laminated MDF

MDF internal window sill – is a relatively modern product with the original appearance of a wooden window sill at the same time eliminating the disadvantages of a window sill made of solid wood (it is about the material working under the influence of environmental conditions, i.e. moisture and high temperature to which the window sill located above the radiator is exposed).

Thanks to the different thicknesses that we are able to offer, we are able to adapt to any type of window joinery. The MDF material is a pressed board made of wood fibers, on the surface of which we are able to apply high-quality veneer resistant to moisture and high temperature, and the bottom of the window sill should be protected with a special laminate.

Thanks to the latest CNC technology, we will round our window sills in three available types of cutters.



White wood

White smooth

White mat

White gloss

Antique oak

Bleached oak

Graphite mat

Gray Granite


Lanzado Walnut

Original Walnut


Winchester Amandi

Golden Oak

PVC renovation overlay

PVC renovation overlay – is an alternative to replacing the old window sill, which is associated with a larger renovation because during disassembly, the wall will be damaged, which will later need to be smoothed and painted.

The PVC overlay is an ideal solution for old damaged window sills. PVC renovation overlays come in various color and size variants, thanks to which we can adapt to any interior, the overlay is made of a scratch-resistant and moisture-resistant material, so we can install it in any room.

By using a window sill cover, we can refresh our interior without damaging the walls.



Golden Oak



Granite – since the dawn of history, this material has been used as building, decorative and sculptural stone.

Nowadays, we also use it as an internal window sill, kitchen countertop, stair step, tombstone, bathroom countertop, etc. Granite belongs to the group of solid igneous rocks, thanks to which it is extremely resistant to all kinds of damage caused by abrasion and friction, therefore it is ideal for floors with high pedestrian traffic. Neutral PH makes internal granite window sills very popular in public facilities (hospitals, clinics, swimming pools) and the ease of keeping clean on large flat surfaces is a very desirable feature.

Window sills made of good granite are the perfect complement to the window joinery in your interior and a luxury that you can afford.


Blue Night

Brąz Królewski

Baltic Brown

China Cristal

Colonial White

Nero Impala

Rosa Beta


Yellow Pink

Orient Black

Royal Black

Tan Brown