External Window Sills

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External Window Sills

External window sills made of metal can complement all types of windows, regardless of the material they are made of. When deciding on such products, we will have to make a key decision: choose those made of steel or aluminum.

Aluminum window sills, due to their thickness, show greater stiffness and resistance to damage than steel window sills almost three times thinner. In addition, aluminum resists corrosion better than steel, although both materials resist moisture.

Our sales department will be happy to help you choose the right solution and tell you what will be the right choice for you when it comes to external window sills.


Steel external window sills are the most popular group of window sills, external metal window sills are perfect for changing weather conditions that occur in our climate. The highest quality of the steel with a thickness of 0.75 mm guarantees their durability and long-term use.

The steel window sills we offer are thoroughly protected against moisture and rust. Bearing in mind the aesthetic appearance of the windows, all external steel window sills are powder coated in several colors to choose from. Thanks to this simple procedure, the window sills blend in perfectly with the facades of utility buildings, apartment blocks or single-family houses.

White RAL 9010

Brown RAL 8017

Brown RAL 8019

Silver RAL 9006

Anthracite RAL 7016

Steel softline

The windows of each building are like his eyes revealing character. It is worth ensuring that the windows look exceptional. Thanks to the external window sills from the “softline” line, your buildings – commercial premises, apartment buildings or single-family houses will take on a unique look. Each steel window sill from the “softline” offer is characterized by a modern, rounded finish.

In addition, our steel external window sills are protected against changing weather and moisture. For a better visual effect, the window sills are powder coated in several colors to choose from, thanks to which they blend in with virtually any facade.

We offer “softline” window sills made of 0.8 mm thick steel sheet in several standard widths from 10 cm to 40 cm, however, on special request, we can make steel window sills in other dimensions.

White RAL 9010

Brown RAL 8017

Brown RAL 8019

Silver RAL 9006

Anthracite RAL 7016

Stalowe laminowane

We offer laminated steel window sills that can be installed next to windows made of PVC, aluminum or wood. Our external laminated window sills are characterized by strength and high durability – they are made of 0.9 mm thick steel sheet, then they are covered with a zinc coating and a layer of powder varnish, which protect our window sills against corrosion. Another protective layer on laminated window sills is PVC foil, which protects the steel sheet and the color of the window sill against moisture, changing weather conditions and UV radiation.

We offer laminated window sills in two attractive colors – imitation of walnut wood and golden oak. We make window sills in several widths from 10 cm to 40 cm, and we also offer the possibility of preparing laminated window sills to individually ordered sizes. We deliver all our window sills, which are secured against transport damage with a self-adhesive protective film.

Golden Oak



Steel Laminated Softline

Our offer includes “Softline” laminated window sills and, similarly to steel window sills, they are characterized by an elegant, rounded finish, which gives the window a stylish look.

Laminated window sills blend in perfectly with windows made of PVC, aluminum or wood. External laminated window sills are durable thanks to their 0.9 mm thick steel sheet. An additional zinc coating and a layer of powder varnish protect the “Softline” window sills against corrosion and discoloration. Additionally, the “Softline” laminated window sills also have a PVC film, which protects the steel against moisture, changing weather as well as sun and UV rays.

“Softline” laminated external window sills are available in four patterns to choose from – golden oak, winchester, wenge oak and walnut. Steel laminated window sills can be ordered in several widths from 10 cm to 40 cm, as well as for individual sizes. Before shipping, we secure the window sills with a self-adhesive protective film.

Golden Oak




External aluminum window sills – a range of external window sills made of aluminum sheet.

Thanks to the material from which they are made (aluminum), the window sills are very light and resistant to all kinds of weather conditions and UV radiation.

External aluminum window sills can be painted in any color from the rich RAL palette. When building a house, we attach a lot of importance to its external appearance, including the facade and window joinery, it is worth taking care of a good-quality window sill that will protect our facade against water.

For all those who value durability, a window sill made of aluminum will be an ideal solution that will serve for many years.

White RAL 9016

Brown RAL 8019

Anthracite RAL 7016

Aluminum - imitation of a softline tile

External aluminum window sills look like clinker tiles. These window sills are 1.2 mm thick and are available in five interesting colors with different textures, they are: antique steel, bronze, antique copper, brick and anthracite. From this color palette, you can easily choose an external window sill pattern that perfectly matches the building facade.

Aluminum window sills imitating tiles have slightly rounded edges and are powder coated, and thanks to the hammered coating they are very aesthetic and nice.

As a standard, we offer many widths of these aluminum window sills, ranging from 10 cm to 40 cm, but we also enable the production of window sills imitating tiles in a different width upon special request of the customer.

Golden Ancient

Ancient Oak


Granite – since the dawn of history, this material has been used as building, decorative and sculptural stone.

Nowadays, we also use it as an external window sill, kitchen countertop, stair step, tombstone, bathroom countertop, etc. Granite belongs to the group of solid igneous rocks, thanks to which it is extremely resistant to all kinds of damage caused by abrasion and friction, therefore it is ideal for floors with high pedestrian traffic.

Neutral PH makes external granite window sills very popular in public facilities (hospitals, clinics, swimming pools) and the ease of keeping clean on large flat surfaces is a very desirable feature.

Window sills made of good granite are the perfect complement to the window joinery from the outside of the building. Affordable price, beautiful colors and a unique appearance will emphasize the uniqueness of the building.


Blue Night

Royal Bronze

Baltic Brown

China Cristal

Colonial White

Nero Impala

Rosa Beta


Yellow Pink

Orient Black

Royal Black

Tan Brown