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Reflectors are effective sun protection used for vertical glazing of various types. They are used both outdoors and indoors. They have the form of roll-up, textile blinds, controlled manually or by means of an electric motor. The construction of Refleksol is made of extruded aluminum with high resistance to weather conditions. Reflectors reduce the effect of sunlight and limit excessive heating of rooms. They eliminate light reflections in interiors and significantly affect the thermal and visual comfort of office work. This effect will be especially appreciated by people working with computer screens. Reflectors can be mounted both on walls and facades, as well as in window recesses. Specialist textiles in Refleksols are made of strong polyester fiber, coated with a layer of PVC or have an admixture of glass fiber in their composition. They are exceptionally resistant to unfavorable weather conditions, maintaining a constant color for years. Many available models of Refleksol allow you to adjust the type of shading depending on the purpose and type of building. Blinds can have slat or cable guides, and in the case of internal installation, they can also be free-hanging. ZIIIP models are equipped with a special guide and a lock that allow for the highest wind resistance.


Refleksol Ziiip BOX is a model designed for flush mounting, thanks to its use you can maintain the unchanged appearance of the façade. The flush-mounted cassette is made of extruded aluminum and the inspection covers located at the bottom of the cassette allow easy access to the motor during maintenance. There are 2 types of flush-mounted cassettes to choose from, depending on the place of use and type of building.

R 120 ZiiiP

Refleksol R120 Ziiip is a facade system for recess or wall mounting with the highest possible wind resistance class 6. Thanks to the zipper mechanism, the fabric in this model remains stable and taut even in the event of strong gusts of wind. In the case of recessed installation, the completely lowered Refleksola also functions as a mosquito net. It is possible to create a modular system by using modular holders.