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Railings are installed both in private homes, multi-family buildings and commercial premises. Their task is to ensure the safety of the household members, while being a functional decoration and an important architectural element of the building. Most often, all railings are divided due to the material from which they were made. In the case of outdoor railings, it is important to use products that are resistant to weather conditions. This is mainly why balcony railings are mainly made of stainless steel, glass or powder coated steel.

Railings installed in our houses and apartments are elements that should ensure the safety of all household members in the first place. That is why it is so important that the modular elements of balcony railings and the finished railings are durable and solid. The high quality of the components guarantees that the finished railings will fulfill their task and look effective. The use of system elements ensures that each part will fit together, and their durability is so long that they can be mounted outside. Each part must be properly constructed, weather-resistant and durable.

Railings for stairs (stair)

The stairs inside our homes can have different forms and structures. A wide range of finishing materials and the availability of various technologies mean that the stairs have long ceased to be just a structure that makes it easier for us to climb higher floors. Currently, both stairs and stair railings are architectural and decorative elements in the home, as important as the way of finishing and furniture. Often, being in the central point of the house, open to the living area must harmonize with the rest of the house, creating a coherent whole. That is why it is so important that, in addition to functionality and durability, stairs and stair railings are effective and properly matched to the interior. Fortunately, the wealth of materials and styles that we can use is enormous. In our homes, classic wooden balustrades, designs made of stainless steel combined with wood and glass or made exclusively of stainless steel can look beautiful.

Railings for the balcony (balcony)

Depending on the preferred style, we can choose the best-suited material for classic or modern balcony railings. Made of wood, stainless steel or glass, they can be a perfect complement to any facade and interior.

Balcony railings are a very important element of the finish. A house with a properly selected balcony finish takes on full expression. By choosing the right pattern and material, we can make the balcony railings in our house not only protective but also decorative. Properly selected and made of the highest quality materials, they will be not only nice and safe for children and other household members, but also functional and durable.

Railings for the balcony can be made of natural and classic materials, such as wood. They can also use modern design and materials such as glass and steel. The dominating elements of external balustrades are the use of weather-resistant acid-resistant steel and glass in various variants.

Railings to the terrace (terrace)

Terrace glass railing is not only a decorative object and complementary to the appearance of the facade, but also in many cases a mandatory element ensuring the safety of the household members. Depending on the chosen style, it can be made of wood, steel, stainless steel or glass. The choice of each of these materials should be dictated by its functionality and matching the appearance of the entire house, garden and fence.

Terrace railings installed in single-family houses are mainly designed to protect places that, due to their height, may be dangerous for the household members. They usually play a technical role, which at the same time does not prevent them from being well-matched, decorating and complementing the external appearance of the house. That is why it is so important that, together with the surroundings, they form a whole that will delight the household members and will be not only functional, but also effective. Thanks to the wide offer on the market, which includes external balustrades made of various materials, everyone can find the perfect solution.

Glass canopies

A glass canopy above the door will protect the person entering from unfavorable weather conditions. It will allow you to freely fold or unfold the umbrella and walk the distance between us from the door to the car with a dry foot. A suitable roof will allow us to safely take the house keys out of a backpack or purse and protect the door against rain, snow and hail. As a manufacturer, we watch over the entire production process, from design, through execution, to assembly. Guided by our experience, we will select the best type of roof for a given building, which will be safe and solid. Thus, it will allow you to enjoy a convenient and comfortable entrance to your home, office or multi-family building resistant to weather conditions.

Glass Balustrades On Rotulas

All-glass balustrades mounted on rotulas are a modern solution for tempered and laminated glass balustrades. Rotules are screws screwed into the side of the stairs or into the floor of the terrace or balcony. They give a very modern character and can be easily adapted to any type of construction. This type of balustrade is most often installed in modern, minimalist interiors. Rotules usually have a round cross-section, although there are also square or rectangular versions. As standard, stainless steel rotules are available with the possibility of powder coating them in any color from the RAL palette. Point grips usually have a diameter of 30 to 60 mm, they are usually mounted to the side of the stairs with the use of appropriately selected chemical anchors.

Glass balustrade on slats

Intended for installation on balconies, terraces, staircases. This type of construction has no posts or additional fasteners, which gives it a designer look. Railings on the slats They are usually chosen for modern interiors and buildings. In addition, aluminum has very good anti-corrosion properties. As a result, stainless steel balustrades made of high-quality steel require virtually no maintenance and are extremely durable. We use tempered glass in them that is resistant to all scratches and scratches – in various color variations: colorless, milky, tinted.

Designers and architects are increasingly using self-supporting glass balustrades in their projects. They ensure full use of natural sunlight, no shadows and a unique connection between the living area and the landscape. The lightness and transparency of glass allows for perfect integration of elements protecting a balcony, terrace or stairs into the whole project.

Glass balustrade on posts

One of the popular mounting systems is mounting on steel posts. As with rotul, different types of such solutions are available. To ensure stability and safety, we use the highest quality solutions for assembly, which are made of durable materials. As a manufacturer, we watch over the quality of work at every stage: from creating a project, through the production of individual elements, to assembly at the customer’s home. Aesthetic values are one thing, but the most important function of the railing is the protective function. Out of concern for the safety of our customers, we use only the highest quality materials. We make them of the highest quality glass with all the necessary safety certificates.

Glass Balustrade On Spigots

Glass balustrades on spigots are ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. Spigots are short stainless steel posts used to hold the glass. They work well as protection for mezzanines, terraces or balconies. We use tempered and laminated glass for balustrades on spigots. We offer both square and round spigots. We can attach them from the top and to the side of the balcony, mezzanine.

A complete glass balustrade mounted on balconies, terraces, mezzanines using RAPDACH SPIGOT mounting elements is an ideal proposition for modern interiors that require stylish solutions. This model will look modern and minimalist at the same time decorating inside or outside the house, staircase, as well as in public buildings, office buildings and blocks of flats.