Privacy Policy

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1. General information

a) This privacy policy applies to the website operating at the url:

b) The administrator of personal data is PMK BAKKER, Bredeweg 34, 2752 AA Moerkapelle.

c) In all matters regarding your personal data, you can contact us via:

  • e-mail –
  • phone – PL +48 502 342 628
  • address – PMK BAKKER, Bredeweg 34, 2752 AA Moerkapelle.

d) Personal data to which the Administrator has access relates to data provided voluntarily in the Store.

e) The website uses personal data for the following purposes:

  • handling inquiries via the contact form,
  • monitoring and collecting statistics via external systems.

f) The website obtains information about users and their behavior in the following way:

  • via voluntarily entered data that are entered into the Operator’s systems,
  • via cookies (so-called cookies).

2. Information on your rights

a) You have the right to request at any time:

  • access to your personal data (Article 15 of the GDPR),
  • editing your personal data (Article 16 of the GDPR),
  • deletion of your personal data (Article 17 of the GDPR),
  • restrictions on the processing of your personal data (Article 18 of the GDPR),
  • transfer of your personal data (Article 20 of the GDPR).

3. Administrator’s declaration

The administrator makes every effort to protect your personal data. It takes all physical, technical and organizational measures against their accidental or deliberate destruction, accidental loss, alteration, disclosure and use.

4. Cookie files (so-called cookies)

a) The website uses cookies.

b) Cookie files (so-called cookies) are IT data, in particular text files, which are stored on the Website User’s end device and are intended for using the Website’s pages. Cookies usually contain the name of the website they come from, the storage time on the end device and a unique number.

c) The website, like most online stores, uses systems that work on the basis of cookies, among others. Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel.

d) Cookies are used for the following purposes:

implementation of marketing goals,
monitoring and analysis of statistics.

5. Managing cookies

a) The user has the option of limiting or disabling access to cookies to his device. If this option is used, the use of the Website will be possible, except for functions which, by their nature, require cookies.

b) The User may, on their own and at any time, change the cookie settings, specifying the conditions for their storage and access to the User’s device via cookies.

c) The user may at any time delete cookies using the functions available in the web browser he uses.

d) Restricting the use of cookies may affect some of the functionalities available on the Administrator’s website.