Roller Door INTENSE 77

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Roller Door INTENSE 77

If you need a production hall or warehouses to run your own business, you need an INTENSE 77 Rolling Gate. A suitable gate should be resistant to repeated opening and closing, weather conditions, and above all, safe and intuitive to use for your employees.

Each element of the INTENSE door has been designed to operate continuously in the most difficult conditions. For several years, our laboratory has worked out the smallest details of this huge gate, the maximum size of which is up to 7 meters wide and 6 meters high. Thanks to the nextON system, which allows you to connect many gates into one, you can close openings, even several dozen meters long.

SYSTEM clickON, easyON, windON, safeON
Simple assembly of a large gate – is it possible? Yes! Thanks to the clickON system. Now you can install the INTENSE door on any surface thanks to a ready-made construction kit. All necessary components and handles are already mounted and prepared for the installation of the propeller shaft and the armor. The armor of a large INTENSE gate can weigh up to 100 kg, in order to be able to install it safely and comfortably, we have created a feeder system, thanks to which it is enough for 2 people to fully safely and without exposing the armor to damage, pull it onto the roller shaft. The easyON system streamlines installation and protects against physical damage.

Very often our gates have to work in really difficult wind conditions, they are exposed to strong gusts and drafts in industrial halls. We have developed an effective solution for this. We have created the windON system so that all our gates, regardless of the place of installation and weather conditions, work efficiently and continuously. Rolling gates are equipped with a proprietary technical flocking system for all elements that come into contact with the door leaf. This solution will make your gate look like new for many years. High quality of aluminum and varnish coatings in combination with the safeON system – this is what you expect from a PREMIUM rolling door.

Mounting methods

To the wall from the outside

To the wall from the inside

Left-handed in the opening

Right-handed in the view of the opening

Colors available




Cream white

Light beige


Moss green


RAL 5010

RAL 5011


Graphite DB703

Fir green


Winchester / RAL 1011

Golden Oak



Light brown

Jamaican bronze