Double Leaf Aluminum Sectional Doors​

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Double Leaf Aluminum Sectional Doors

Double-leaf swing gates are intended for use in garages and utility rooms. We recommend them in renovated buildings without side jambs and lintels. The gate leaf is filled with a panel and it is possible to obtain an insulated gate.

The gate is sealed with a rubber gasket, and a sealing brush is used in the lower part. The use of this solution allows you to maintain an aesthetic appearance and adequate thermal insulation. The gate is always opened outside the room. Left passive sash (view from the outside) locked to the aluminum threshold and the frame with bolts. The right active leaf is equipped with a lock with an insert and a handle.

Embossing available

Without embossing

Single embossing

Panel embossing

V embossing

Colors available

White RAL 9016

Silver RAL 9006

Brown RAL 8014

Anthracite gray RAL 7016

Anthracite gray RAL 7016

Golden Oak


Dark Oak

Graphite (Wrinkle)