Interior Doors

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Interior Doors

In addition to window joinery, our offer also includes a wide selection of interior doors that will fit into any room.

The catalogs of interior doors presented below present all door models that can be purchased from us. Internal doors are most often made of MDF, HDf or PVC. Seemingly they look less massive than external doors, they are equally durable and durable.

Thanks to cooperation with the best manufacturers of interior doors, we are able to offer a very wide selection of models and colors, along with a wide range of fillings, patterns and glazing.

ERKADO Internal Doors

ERKADO doors are a leading brand on the Polish market. We offer interior doors that are the basic element of interior architecture and it is worth making sure that they are perfectly matched.

Internal doors DRE

DRE doors are also one of the leading brands producing interior doors.

From classic to modern designs. From anti-burglary to sliding and glazed. Matte, glossy, with the possibility of printing or painting. It is a brand that, as it says itself – knows everything about doors.

Internal PORTA doors

PORTA doors offer many possibilities and a wide selection of colors and models. By choosing this brand, you choose durability, degree of stabilization, soundproofing, and thermal insulation of your doors.

Aesthetics and many functional solutions ensure a good choice that will be durable and will serve for years.