Exterior Doors

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Exterior Doors

We offer exterior doors of the largest manufacturers in this part of Europe. A wide range of models and colors allows you to adjust the exterior doors to the home of each client.

Exterior doors are made of various materials, from wood, through aluminum, to steel. We always choose the best solution so that the product you use every day is as durable as possible to serve you for years.

Our offer includes external doors from manufacturers such as KMT, MIKEA, GERDA and many more. We provide catalogs and always advise you when choosing the right front door to your home.

Among the doors that you can find below, there are anti-burglary doors with appropriate security classes. For people who want to protect themselves from noise in the staircase in blocks of flats, we have soundproofing doors to apartments and blocks. All doors have good insulation parameters and are perfect for winters.

KMT Entrance Doors

KMT STAL doors is a company that has been producing exterior doors for over 50 years on the Polish market. They are at the forefront of the best manufacturers of external steel doors.

KMT external doors are available in many color variants and many configurations. Among hundreds of models, you will surely find one that will perfectly suit your home.

GERDA external doors

GERDA doors prove themselves in the most demanding facilities thanks to the appropriate selection of frames and door leaves.

Safety is the basis, therefore we offer special locks and fittings that increase the strength of the door. Depending on the intended use, GERDA doors can achieve different levels of the insulation coefficient (insulating doors, energy-saving doors, passive doors). Basic doors in the so-called insulating doors with a coefficient of 1.3 W / m2K.

MIKEA external doors

MIKEA doors are the highest quality technical parameters documented by tests carried out in accredited laboratories of construction technology.

Polish materials and quality of workmanship make customers eagerly reach for this brand. A high class of burglary resistance and a stable, durable structure are a recipe for external doors for years.

EkoOkna Entrance Door

Modern design, freedom in the selection of accessories and the richness of colors make the entrance door an original showcase of every home. The highest quality materials that we use in their production guarantee comfort, safety and durability for many years.