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Awnings are valued not only as a great way to shade a balcony, terrace or home garden. They are also a way to emphasize the aesthetics of the building, using 150 types of high-quality acrylic fabrics. They are additionally protected with Teflon impregnation, which guarantees high durability and resistance to weather conditions.


Let’s enjoy the sun, but on our own terms. Palladio – a popular terrace awning gives us such an opportunity. This model has a semi-cassette protecting the fabric against weather conditions and ensuring an aesthetic appearance of the façade after folding the awning. The construction of the awning is made of extruded aluminum, this material guarantees its strength and long-term durability. The customer can choose between manual and electric drive – in both versions the operation is simple, fully automatic means maximum comfort.


Jamaica is a cassetteless awning recommended as shading restaurant terraces or cafe gardens. It will also work well in a home relaxation zone. Its durable construction ensures trouble-free use even in the case of intensive use, which is why it is often chosen for commercial applications. The Jamaica awning can be supplemented with a practical roof that aesthetically covers the rolled fabric. The folding arms of the awning, made of aluminum, are equipped with a Flyer chain, which additionally strengthens the joints of the awning, guaranteeing the reliability of their operation for many years. An additional advantage of the awning is the possibility of using a Rollo-Volant valance with an independent manual drive.


The Australia awning is a cassetteless system, the construction of which is based on a square supporting beam. The construction of the awning allows for installation even on a small mounting surface. With large widths of the awning, additional reinforcement of the winding tube is used to prevent its deformation and uneven winding of the fabric. In this system, it is also possible to use telescopic supports.
The arms use the Flyer chain system, which guarantees their reliable and safe operation even with large dimensions of the awning. The construction of the awning is made of extruded aluminum, which guarantees its high durability and longevity.


Malta is a lightweight, easy-to-install awning designed for small terraces. The compact design without a cassette will work wherever we are afraid to use heavier loads, and the fabric after folding the awning is not directly exposed to weather conditions. The universal bracket integrated with the awning ensures quick and easy installation, both to the wall and ceiling, and allows the awning to be tilted up to 85°. The structure of the awning is made of extruded aluminum and stainless steel elements. The Flyer chain used in the joints makes them strong and durable.


Bora is a side awning used as a light cover for terraces and other non-standard spaces. Its advantage is the ability to adjust the size of the screen to individual needs, as well as the ability to mount the mounting handle both to the wall using a wall bracket and to the ground using a post. The construction is made of extruded aluminum, which guarantees durability and resistance. After folding the cover, the fabric is secured in the cassette, and the entire system takes up little space.